Take Your Pick: Ronaldo vs. Messi [Video]

With the conclusion of the 10th week of La Liga, Ballon d’Or winner Lionel Messi leads the league for goals scored. He heads into week 11 topping the charts with eleven league goals.This number puts him three ahead of Ronaldo and Higuain who are tied for second with ten goals apiece.

Messi tops the charts for most assists tying Madrid’s Di Maria with six each. Ronaldo is also in the race for assists and sits one spot below Messi with five to his name. Ronaldo and Messi are in the race for winning the Golden Ball and are tallying up their statistics as quickly as possible in hopes of achieving this award.

Recently in Real Madrid’s Champion’s League match-up with Lyon, Ronaldo netted his 100th goal for the Galacticos. The day before that Messi scored his 200th through a hat-trick for the Catalans in their Champion’s League match-up against Viktoria Plzen. Scoring the hat-trick helped him tie for first place in the Champions League with Mario Gomez who also has a total of five goals.

To compare the two on equal grounds we need to go back a few years to Ronaldo’s breakthrough 2006- 2007 season for Manchester United. In doing so, we bring up the tally to 191 goals in 260 matches presenting Ronaldo with a higher ratio of .73. Since coming to Madrid Ronaldo has played 105 games resulting in a remarkable ratio of .95. Messi on the other hand has played 286 giving him a ratio of .706.

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However, head-to-head match-ups show much more distinguishing results. Over the span of Ronaldo’s Madrid career, he has played against Messi and Barcelona a total of nine times. In these apearences he has only managed to score three goals giving him a ratio of .333. Messi has also played against Madrid with Ronaldo’s presence a total of nine times. During these appearances he has managed to net an outstanding ten goals giving him a remarkable ratio of 1.111.

All though Ronaldo is bigger and stronger Messi manages to use his low center of gravity to outbeat every defender that comes his way. Ronaldo has a signature freekick and dazzling tricks but tends to waste valuable attacking oppurtunities by over dribbling. Messi on the other hand uses a unique lateral movement while dribbling and passes off the ball more appropriately making him a more contributive player.Ronaldo’s aerial ability is much more effective than Messi’s, and they both show outstanding ball control on their first touches and when holding possession.

Technically, Messi proves that he is the more clutch player even though Ronaldo has a slightly better ratio overall. However Messi keeps the game alive by choosing to stay on his feet in instances where Ronaldo would jump towards the ground. Personally, I have had enough with players being actors and therefore dismissed Ronaldo as the better player a long time ago. You can take your pick but I think Messi is the better player.

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Ronaldo Tested to the Limit

Ronaldo Tested to the Limit

As an ambassador for Castrol Edge, Ronaldo, had agreed to go through a series of physical and mental experiments. Luckily for us, Castrol provided this in-depth analysis of Ronaldo on YouTube. The documentary was aimed at analyzing Ronaldo’s capabilities which included: Body Strength, Mental Ability, Technique and Skill. Check out the clips below and tell us what you think of his superior results by participating in the poll at the bottom of the page, enjoy.

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