Former defensive coordinator for football powerhouse Penn State was recently charged on 40 accounts of sexual allegations. Jerry Sandunsky was caught performing anal sex on a 10- year old boy in the locker room of the football facility of Penn State University. The third party that witnessed the occurrence in 2002 immediately reported the incident to head coach Joe Paterno. Joe Paterno then told Athletic Director Tim Curley about the event.

The witness, Joe Paterno, Tim Curley and Senior Vice President, Gary Shultz, all failed to contact police. The University officials, excluding Joe Paterno, were all charged with perjury and for lying to the grand jury in their testimonials regarding the ongoing investigation of Sandusky. The officials claimed that the incident was not clearly explained to them and that they did not suspect Sandusky of conducting such a horrible crime.

Curley and Shultz thought the incident was over exaggerated and decided not disclose information to the police. The courts explained that the cover-up was constructed by the officials to protect their careers. The courts set bail at $75, 000 and had deemed the pair innocent. The officials looked to have their charges dismissed while the lawyers claimed they did the right thing by informing their superiors about the Sandusky incident. However, the superiors of the officials also failed to take appropriate legal action because they simply chose to prohibit Sandusky from bringing youths to campus.

sandusky Sandusky Accused of Molesting Eight Young Boys

Sandusky had started Second Mile in 1977 which was a non-profit organization aimed at helping  at-risk youths. This is the charity where Sandusky found the  rape allegation victim and seven other boys he was accused of sexually abusing. The evidence hinted that there were more victims coming out of the organization which gave Sandusky access to hundreds of boys who were vulnerable through their situations.

In the midst of all this, Sandusky has maintained his innocence with bail set at $100, 000. If the courts find him guilty he will be sentenced to life in prison. By not notifying authorities in a timely fashion, the university officials voluntarily allowed Sandusky to continue to strip youths of their innocence. Sandusky was able to commit atrocious crimes even after the incident because no one took the moral initiative to penalize the former coach for his illegal action.

For all we know, Sandusky could have scarred hundreds of more lives through his disgustingly uncontrollable behaviour. Sandusky’s crimes not only labelled him as a disgrace to the university and his own organization, but to society as a whole. Personally, I would consider him America’s most wanted at this point.

The sexual allegations will definitely shake-up the reputation of the college football powerhouse. The incident was pure evil on Sandusky’s part and on the part of university officials for covering up the story.  The evidence had finally come out just a week after Head Coach Joe Paterno recorded most wins in Division 1 football history. The cases will cause a lot of disruption for the University but will hopefully not affect Penn State’s performance against Nebraska Cornhuskers scheduled for Novemeber 12th. My prayers go out to all victims and their families in hopes that justice gets served.