Sports fans are the foundation for success of professional sports teams. Without loyal fans there would be no venues for games to take place. There would be no superstars and athletes to make up the teams. Basically, If there were no fans, the professional sports industry would be broke. Corporations and brand names would lose billions of dollars with out sports fans. Therefore there would be no sponsors for professional teams and no capital to expand their organizations.

Ronaldo made $38 million overall last year. His yearly salary accounted for $16.8 million and the remaining $21.2 million came from his endorsements. He is Facebook’s most popular athlete with over 36 million fans. He also has a buyout clause of $1.35 billion. David Beckham was the highest paid soccer player last year with earnings of $40 million. David Beckham is the most overrated talent out of every sport because he sucks at soccer. He never even managed to win the Ballon d’Or but still makes more than Ronaldo even when he’s all washed up and about to retire.

This really goes to show the importance of fan loyalty for the success of athletes. I always thought David Beckham was never a superstar soccer player and many would agree. Nonetheless, he is one of the most popular athletes in professional sports and has been a household name for over a decade now.

Coca- Cola, Nike, Armani and Castrol earned huge  returns from their investment in Ronaldo. A large part of Ronaldo’s endorsement dollars came from these corporations. Their individual investment in him helped them earn hundreds of millions of dollars.

Cristian Ronaldo Nike Mercurial Vapor Superfly III Boot 300x196 Ronaldo and Fan Loyalty in Professional Sports

Ronaldo showing his face in an ad-campaign for Nike with the latest Mercurial Vapor Superflys influences masses of the world’s population to go buy those exact boots.  Soccer fans want to relate to the superstar and mimic his character and are willing to pay over $300 for that short-lived experience. What is the point in buying such expensive shoes?

Individuals do not understand that he gets paid to where the shoes in contrast to the average Joe, who has to pay full price to the corporation for their product. Sports fans go buy the same color shoes as him even when they know that after a month he’s going to change his shoe color. Sports fans could easily buy a pair from the previous year for half the price but would rather pay the extra $150 for the newer shoe.

It makes me sick to see how sports fans are so appealed to glamour and riches. There is no doubt that Ronaldo has amazing talent but he is overly- popular for the wrong reasons. Kids go as far as getting the same haircut as him and taping their wrists and ankles just to look like the superstar. It is outrageous how much attention Ronaldo gets from his fans. He is basically worshiped by sports fans even when majority of them know he is a cheater in the game.

Real Madrid actually could not afford Ronaldo when they bought him from Manchester United for $132 million. It was Ronaldo who helped them afford his salary and his transfer cost through the sale of his jerseys. Real Madrid didn’t pay for his transfer, Ronaldo’s fans paid for his transfer.

There is a huge monetary cycle that surrounds the professional sports industry. The most crucial and valuable aspect of this cycle begins at home with average Joe. Fan loyalty drives the industry and creates the excitement for every game. I think its time the tables turned and more appreciation was being showed towards sports fans by superstars and professional sports organizations.