Damn, Barcelona won El Classico. The Catalans went to Madrid to take on the Galacticos on Saturday. Real Madrid were at the top of the table before the match began and dropped to 2nd place in La Liga after losing 3-1.

Barcelona deserved their victory. They had 62% posession of the ball and used it very wisely. They even forced an own goal out of Marcelo; more a deflection than an own goal. Barcelona had 7 shots on target and Madrid had 5.  Madrid had 11 shots go wide and Barcelona missed the net only 5 times.

messi barcelona 300x239 El Classico: Real Madrid vs. Barcelona HighlightsBarcelona held their composure throughout the game with only 13 fouls and forced Madrid to commit 22. There were 7 yellow cards issued and 4 of them came from Madrid. They did a lot of things better than Real. You can Take Your Pick but I think Messi proved one more time why he is better than Ronaldo; not just because he had an assist and Ronaldo didn’t.

The pair are tied for most goals in the league with 17 each. However, Ronaldo has time to catch up because Madrid has played only 15 games and Barcelona have played 16; they’re also tied for points.The next league match-up between these two squads is scheduled for Apr. 22, 2012. Enjoy the show.