Kobe Bryant’s wife filed for divorce Saturday morning. The news came up viral through Twitter. Its really bad news for Kobe because he and his wife didn’t sign a pre-nup. That means Victoria Bryant is going to take a lot of his money.

Why are they getting a divorce? Kobe Bryant got caught cheating. You can’t blame Kobe. Well, you can, but you can’t expect him to turn down all the dimes that throw themselves at him; he loves money. All jokes aside, I hope his wife and kids find a way to deal with the break up and everything goes well.

Its weird, everything looked lovely for the Los Angelas Lakers a few weeks ago. Dwight Howard and Chris Paul were both supposedly on their way to play for the Lakers and now it looks like they won’t either of them. The good news gone bad is the least of their worries at this point because the  Lakers have already been having problems with the players in the locker room.

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First, Lamar Odom and Pau Gasol’s departure gets voided. Lamar Odom eventually gets traded and that
leaves Pau Gasol pissed at the fact that the Lakers are using him as a disposable asset. The Lakers are also having a hard time dealing with the exit of their legendary coach, Phil Jackson, who recently retired. To make things worse, the rest of the teammates are going to have to answer dumb questions from the media regarding Kobe’s divorce situation that is of no concern to them.

I’m sure they’ll pull through the storm and prepare themselves for the season. They better be ready because their first game is against the Bulls on Christmas Day. I think the Lakers are going to lose that game but they’ll manage to make it to the playoffs. The only way they’ll win the championship is if they get Dwight Howard which I hardly doubt will happen.