The NHL All-Star Voting results are finally in.

The game is scheduled for Jan 29. at Scotiabank Place.

The top five forwards are actually all from Canadian teams (Toronto and Ottawa).

Too bad the polls closed on Jan. 4.  You could only blame yourself if you’re not happy with the results.

Daniel Alfredsson (897, 055) was the most popular forward in the NHL. Erik Karlsson (939, 591) was the most popular player and defenseman. The goalie with the most votes was Tim Thomas (626, 540).

I think having a majority Sens line-up defeats the whole purpose of the all-star game. Diversifying the line-up would definitely provide for a more exciting game.

Below are the starting line-ups for the 2012 NHL All-Star game.

I based them on the basis of who had the most votes from each Conference.

Leave a comment for your proposed starting line-ups.