Kobe Bryant is the man. It seems like age doesn’t limit Kobe Bryant, it only helps improve his wisdom on the court. You would expect the legend to slow down by now but he doesn’t know what slowing down means. Kobe Bryant and the Lakers defeated the Suns 99-83 on Tuesday. Kobe Bryant won the game on his own by scoring 15 of their last 17 points. He had a flawless performance and finished the game with 48 points.

You have to check out his highlights of the game below. He showed off his legendary high-flying skills near the end of the game when he scored two back-to-back dunks; including a backwards alley-oop.

Scoring over 40 points against Phoenix wasn’t good enough for Kobe. He had to prove once again exactly how efficient he was by scoring 40 points against the Utah Jazz on Wednesday. Raja Bell tried gaurding Kobe all game but failed as usual. Like I said, he tried. Kobe hustled so hard he started winning his own rebounds. Selfish or not, he was the reason his team earned the victory.

Kobe missed the shot that could have won the game in regulation but still managed to help his team win in OT. He now leads the NBA in scoring with 30.3 ppg and has become the only player to average over 29 ppg at his age. It wouldn’t be surprising to see Kobe Bryant achieve a higher number than that. He could even reach his record of 35.4 ppg by the end of the season which I highly doubt will happen. The highlights for the game are below. Andrew Bynum’s game winning-block was the play of the night in my opinion.

Off to the Staples Center we go. The Lakers’ city rivals, LA Clippers, played host to the Miami Heat on Wednesday. Chris Paul and the Clippers defeated the Heat 95-89 in an exciting game that had to be decided in OT. The big three in the NBA couldn’t pull it together all night. Clippers’ tag-team Chris Paul and Blake Griffin were the real story of the night.

I think they proved that they have the potential for creating their own new dynasty at the Staples Center. If you don’t believe me you can judge for yourself. Chris Paul dribbled down the court and fed a no-look alley-oop dish over Mario Chalmers to Blake Griffin. The game ended with Heat’s head coach, Erik Spoelstra, being ejected from the game. Chris Paul’s post-game interview and the final minutes of the game are in the last clip below.