The 2012 NBA All Star game was very exciting, intense and competitive in comparison to its previous years. Kobe Bryant managed to crown himself the king of the all star game, when he broke Michael Jordan’s record for most points in all star games. No pain no game, and that’s exactly how Kobe was feeling when Dwyane Wade intentionally fouled him and gave him a bloody nose. Believe it or not, but results from a CT scan showed that Kobe suffered a nasal fracture and could miss a couple of Lakers games; which I highly doubt.

all star game 2 2012 NBA All Star Game: Full Highlights and Game RecapThe All Star game was jam-packed with dunks, which is the main reason why I watched the game. It was even more exciting to see the All Star game end with the West barely beating the East 152-149. My three all stars for the night had to be Kevin Durant (MVP), LeBron James and Kobe Bryant, mainly because they had the most points in the game.

I also have to give an honourable mention to Russell Westbrook, because he proved to me that he has one of the most powerful dunks in the NBA, despite being one of the smaller guys in the NBA. Then again, every high flying all star was getting up and slamming during the All Star game, which really made it seem like another dunk contest. I must say this All Star game was the best it could be in 2012, making it that much more fun to check out the full highlights.