Dwayne “The Rock ” Johnson is a great WWE wrestler and a very talented actor, making it a lot of fun to break down the five best movies with The Rock in it. Growing up watching WWF turn in to WWE, the ”Rock Bottom” and the ”People’s Elbow” were always my favourite specialities, which further influenced me to watch all the movies with The Rock in it.

movies with the rock in it Ranking the Top Five Movies with The Rock in it1. The Rundown

Easily the best of all movies with The Rock in it. When you have Seann William Scott co-starring The Rock, you know the whole movie is guaranteed to be entertaining. Moreover, The Rock is hired by a mob boss to bring his son back home from Brazil, and finds himself searching for a legendary treasure while having to save a town from their oppressive town operator. If you are looking to watch one of the more funnier movies with The Rock in it, this would definitely be your best pick.

2. Faster

This is one of the newer movies with The Rock in it. Faster is an action thriller that forces The Rock to seek revenge on those individuals that killed his brother, while constantly having to evade, Billy Bob Thornton (a cop) and a hit man hired to assassinate him.

3. The Scorpian King

This movie is one of the most original movies with The Rock in it, because you get to see him do the “Rock Bottom” and give the “People’s Eyebrow” a lot. Scorpian King is a prequel to the Mummy movies, which is based around an adventurous voyage, jam-packed with action and some comedy.

4. Gridiron Gang

This is actually one of the only non-ficticious movies with The Rock in it. Another one of the real-life movies with The Rock in it, is Walking Tall, but I wasn’t to happy with that film so it didn’t make it to the top five list. Furthermore, Dwayne Johnson relives his football past, as he coaches a football team of juvenile delinquents on how stay out of trouble and win a high school championship.

5. The Game Plan

This is definitely the better film of the two family genre movies with The Rock in it. It is also one of the better movies with The Rock in it, that doesn’t have him whooping a bunch of candy ass. As a father and professional football player, The Rock is forced into choosing between his super star lifestyle and his daughter’s happiness.