derek fisher 1 400x297 Bad News for Derek Fisher?I’m starting to feel pretty bad for Derek Fisher. After bargaining hard and long on behalf of the NBA player’s association to end the lockout, the five-time NBA champion hit an even rougher patch this past week. Bad news hit the Staples Centre when the Lakers decided to give Derek Fisher away to the Houston Rockets before trade deadline last Thursday.

The Rockets received a 2012 fist-round draft pick and Derek Fisher in exchange for Jordan hill. However, instead of utilising Derek Fisher, the Houston Rockets recently decided to release him and declare him waived, after he requested to opt out of the remainder of his contract. Hopefully things will get better for Derek Fisher as it looks like the team most likely to sign him at this point of the season are the Oklahoma City Thunder, who are reportedly in advanced negotiations; which could actually turn out to be the best news for Fisher this season.