Kevin Durant Kevin Durant is Tired of Finishing Second Place for EverythingKevin Durant was a little disapointed about finishing second place in the 2012 NBA MVP voting this year. LeBron James was crowned NBA MVP for the third time in his career, while KD finished second place; twice in three seasons as a pro. If you ask me, the real winner was KD simply because he deserved it more.

Oklahoman had the latest on KD’s reaction to coming in second place:

“That’s like unheard of for a guy to get three out of four MVPs,” Durant said. “As a good friend of mine, I’m happy for him. Of course I would have loved to have the MVP, but at the same time I just got to keep improving, keep getting better, and hopefully I’ll have one soon.”

“I’ve been second since high school,” Durant said. “Second draft pick. Second best player (in the country) in high school. Second in MVP voting twice. So I’m over that being second stuff.”

I totally agree with him in the first paragraph, which makes me think the MVP award was stolen from him. Or it could be because KD is very unselfish and humble. Although these are two very great traits in an athlete, too much of anything can kill you.