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NCAA Basketball Final: Kentucky Smashes Kansas for the Victory

NCAA Basketball Final: Kentucky Smashes Kansas for the Victory

ncaa basketball final 400x225 NCAA Basketball Final: Kentucky Smashes Kansas for the VictoryThe 2012 NCAA Basketball Final was bound to be won by the Kentucky Wildcats. The closest Kansas came to winning the game was when they were trying to decrease a a 7-point deficit in the last minute of the second half. Even at that point it seemed like the Jayhawks had no chance of winning the NCAA basketball final.

Kentucky fought strong and hard throughout the entire NCAA tournament, March Madness and the Final Four to prove they deserved to be the #1 seed in the country. The Wildcats freshman, Anthony Davis, was a huge reason why they won their 8th NCAA final by collecting 16 rebounds and making 6 blocks in the 67-59 victory. Anthony Davis also became the fourth freshman in NCAA tournament history to be named most outstanding player in the final four after averaging 14.4 PPG, 10 RPG, 4.6 BPG  while shooting 63.9% from the field throughout the season.

Kendall Marshall Injury Update, Austin Rivers Decides to Leave for NBA?

Kendall Marshall Injury Update, Austin Rivers Decides to Leave for NBA?

austin rivers 400x266 Kendall Marshall Injury Update, Austin Rivers Decides to Leave for NBA?The North Carolina Tar Heels made it to the elite eight without their star point guard, Kendall Marshall, after they defeated the Ohio Bobcats 73-65 on Friday. According to North Carolina coach, Roy Williams, there is a higher chance that Kendall Marshall won’t be in the line-up against Kansas on Sunday either, which can really damage their chances of making it to the final four this year.

Furthermore, it was reported that Duke point guard, Austin Rivers had decided to leave Duke for the NBA draft this year. However, Austin Rivers father and Boston Celtics coach, Doc Rivers, explained that these reports were all false. Doc Rivers also explained that Austin Rivers and many other players have to decide by April 10 whether or not they want to enter the NBA draft this year, and at this point he is unaware as to what the freshman`s decision will be. Waiting a year could help Austin Rivers build more confidence for the NBA, but if you ask me, I think he would have no problem fitting in with the pros this year.

NCAA Tournament 2012: Duke Upset by Lehigh

NCAA Tournament 2012: Duke Upset by Lehigh

duke 400x283 NCAA Tournament 2012: Duke Upset by LehighThe second day of March Madness included two really great upsets after Duke got knocked out by Lehigh, 75-70, and Missouri were upset by Norfolk State, 84-82 . Both Duke and Missouri were 2nd seed teams going up against 15th seed teams, Lehigh and Norfolk State, and it was the first time in eleven years a 15-over-2 upset occurred; which surprisingly happened twice in the same day. The Duke Blue Devils had no excuse for losing to Lehigh, and Missouri definitely didn’t have an excuse for losing to Norfolk State because it was their first time playing in an NCAA tournament in school history.

Video: St Bonaventure Gets Knocked out by Florida State

Video: St Bonaventure Gets Knocked out by Florida State

Florida State1 400x266 Video: St Bonaventure Gets Knocked out by Florida StateThe second day of March Madness, was the worst day of the NCAA tournament for the St Bonaventure Bonnies (14). Florida State (3) came back to win the game 66-63 in the final minutes of the game. However, St Bonaventure had their destinies tampered with when the officials missed a call in the final seconds of the game.

This game was the best of the NCAA tournament so far, and it was sad to see the popular underdogs get knocked out early; especially since the referees potentially cost them the game. The snapshot below just goes to show exactly how lazy the referees are. They either were dumb enough to miss the call, or they saw the mistake by Florida State and just didn’t want to have to officiate overtime for free.

st bonaventure Video: St Bonaventure Gets Knocked out by Florida State

NCAA Basketball Schedule and Rankings

NCAA Basketball Schedule and Rankings

ncaa basketball 266x400 NCAA Basketball Schedule and RankingsMarch Madness is just around the corner, after 2012 Selection Sunday decided the NCAA brackets on Mar 11. Unlike the NBA playoffs, March Madness could be the most competitive form of basketball many NCAA basketball players will ever get to participate in their whole lives. Keeping that in mind, every player will put their heart on the line to try and secure themselves a ticket into the NBA for the next couple of weeks.

Since March Madness could either make or break an NCAA basketball players’ future, it is safe to say that it will be the stage for possibly the best and most exciting basketball played all year. Just make sure that when you’re making picks, anything is possible and that even a first team seed like Kentucky or Syracuse can be knocked out by an underdog this week. Nonetheless, good luck with your picks in hopes that you all make the best decisions.

2012 NCAA Basketball Rankings

RankSchool RecordPoints
1Kentucky 30-11, 623
2 Syracuse30-11, 561
3Kansas26-51, 482
4 North Carolina27-41, 442
5Missouri27-41, 343
6Duke26-51, 262
7Ohio Statae25-61, 251
8Michigan State 24-71, 149
9Marquette25-61, 087
11Murray State28-1922
16Wichita State26-4492
17Florida State 21-9468
18San Diego State 24-6441
22Florida 22-9305
23Notre Dame 21-10256
25Iowa State22-9127

2012 NCAA Basketball March Madness Schedule


ncaa bracket NCAA Basketball Schedule and RankingsMarch 15
Kentucky vs Mississippi Val./Western Ky.
Ioawa St vs Conneticut
Wichita St vs VCU
Indiana vs New Mexico St
UNLV vs Colorado

March 16
Baylor vs South Dakota St
Notre Dame vs Xavier
Duke vs Lehigh


March 15
New Mexico vs Long Beach St
Louisville vs Davidson
Murray St vs Colorado St
Marquette vs BYU/Iona

March 16
Michigan St vs LIU Brooklyn
Memphis vs Saint Louis
Florida vs Virginia
Missouri Norfolk St

ncaa NCAA Basketball Schedule and RankingsEast

March 15
Syracuse vs UNC Asheville
Knasas St vs Southern Miss
Vanderbilt vs Harvard
Wisconsin vs Montana
Gonzaga vs West Virginia
Ohio St vs Loyola Maryland

March 16
Cincinnati vs Texas
Florida St vs St Bonaventure


March 16
North Carolina vs Lamar/Vermont
Creighton vs Alabama
Temple vs California/ South Fla.
Michigan vs Ohio
San Diego St vs North Carolna St
Georgetown vs Belmont
St Mary’s (CA) vs Purdue
Kansas vs Detroit